FIFA’s decision to allow Real Madrid and Barcelona of La Liga to play league games in Miami, Florida, has increased American influence in the soccer world. With the World Cup coming up in 2026, the Premier League may follow suit.

The FIFA Council has approved that some games can be played outside of national lines starting with the upcoming season, which represents a total change in the league landscape throughout all of Europe.

The soccer authorities have gradually eased their ban on what FIFA had previously forbade, as the Spanish Super Cup, which is taking place in Saudi Arabia in 2020, 2022, 2023, and 2024, shows. Although Giovanni Infantino and his executives have now made it possible for LaLiga or the Premier League to play games abroad, Javier Tebas and the leaders of FIFA disagreed on this matter only a few years ago.

The Spanish league’s president was forced to back down in the face of opposition from numerous Spanish teams and FIFA’s threat of sanctions, as the regulations stipulated that a domestic league must always take place in the country of origin. LaLiga had even planned a match between Barcelona and Girona to take place in Miami. But as Tebas realizes his dream, every indication suggests that a La Liga game will soon take place in Miami.

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