Spain want Barcelona wonderkid to play in Euros and Olympics, inform club to prepare documents

Six days from now, on Monday, May 27, Spanish national team manager Luis De la Fuente is scheduled to announce the Euro Cup squad. The Spanish Federation has asked Pau Cubarsi to participate in both the UEFA Euro and the Olympic Games. In order to do this, they have asked Barcelona to prepare the required documentation, according to MARCA.

The manager of the Spanish national team, Luis De la Fuente, will reveal the Euro Cup roster on Monday, May 27, which is in six days.

Cubarsi, on the other hand, is anticipated to be on this list given that he joined the national team in March. Along with players like Lamine Yamal, Fermin Lopez, and Nico Williams, Cubarsi has also been requested to compete for Santi Denia in the Olympic Games.

What’s the rush? All athletes who wish to compete in the Olympics, including those who are now participating in the Euro Cup, are reportedly part of the plan. During the Tokyo Olympics, this strategy was employed, and numerous athletes who advanced to the semifinals of the European Championship went on to win silver medals in Japan.

There are no significant obstacles for Spanish club players, but in 2021, this was not the case for players in foreign clubs like Manchester City and Roma. Nevertheless, Spanish athletes from these teams were able to compete at the Games.

Will Barcelona consent to this? Although Barcelona and the Spanish Federation get along well, they are hesitant to allow their players to compete in both leagues. Pedri’s history with the club is concerning, but it’s now known that his problems went beyond his involvement in Tokyo.

Barcelona has stated in talks that they would rather not have their players compete in both the Olympics and the Euro. The Federation has outlined its requirements and given its word that it will behave in the best interests of the players. Regarding Cubarsi, Barcelona has been told to make all the required preparations for the Olympics, and he is expected to be a member of the squad for the Euro in Germany.

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