“I cried when Arsenal sold him, he was my favourite Arsenal player and i still miss him till today because if he was here, we would have won Porto”- Arsenal best player Bukayo Saka says he has a special place in his heart for £43M teammate which Arsenal released few years back

Bukayo Saka, Arsenal’s current star player, has revealed a surprising admission that has resonated with Gunners fans worldwide. In a recent interview, Saka confessed that he still misses his former teammate, who was sold by Arsenal a few years ago, and believes that his presence would have made a significant difference in their Champions League campaign, particularly against Porto.

Saka’s emotional tribute has shed light on the special bond he shared with the departed player, who was not only his teammate but also his idol. The £43M teammate, who was sold by Arsenal, was Saka’s favorite player, and his departure left a lasting impact on the young winger.

“I cried when Arsenal sold him,” Saka revealed, his voice filled with nostalgia. “He was my favorite Arsenal player, and I still miss him till today. I believe that if he was here, we would have won against Porto.”

Saka’s heartfelt words have struck a chord with Arsenal fans, who remember the departed player fondly. The player in question was a fan favorite during his time at the Emirates, known for his exceptional skill, work rate, and dedication to the team.

Saka’s admiration for his former teammate is a testament to the impact that players can have on each other’s careers. The bond between teammates is often unbreakable, and Saka’s words highlight the respect and admiration he has for his departed colleague.

While Arsenal’s decision to sell the player may have been controversial, Saka’s comments have reignited the debate about the club’s transfer strategy. Fans are left wondering what could have been if the player were still at the Emirates, leading the team alongside Saka.

As Saka continues to excel for Arsenal, his tribute to his former teammate serves as a reminder of the importance of team chemistry and the impact that players can have on each other’s careers. The bond between Saka and his departed teammate may have been severed by the transfer, but it remains strong in spirit, a testament to the power of football to unite players and fans alike.

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