Man Utd coach reveals real reason why Jadon Sancho refused to apologise to Erik ten Hag

At the heart of the matter, we find ourselves in the midst of a conflict between two titans – Jadon Sancho, the star player whose pride was on the line, and Erik ten Hag, the manager whose authority was being challenged.

On one side, Sancho believed that an apology would be tantamount to admitting fault for transgressions he did not commit.

On the other side, ten Hag stood firm in his belief that discipline and respect were non-negotiable components of his managerial philosophy.

What ensued was a standoff that would forever change Sancho’s fate at Manchester United. His defiant rebuttal only served to further infuriate ten Hag, who demanded an apology from the player as a condition for his reinstatement into the team.

But for Sancho, whose roots ran deep in the streets, the prospect of apologizing was not a simple act of contrition. In his mind, it would have been a tacit admission of guilt, a branding that he was not willing to accept.

The gripping tale of Jadon Sancho’s tumultuous stint at Manchester United has been retold by Red Devils coach, Benni McCarthy, who shed light on the player’s defiant refusal to apologize to manager Erik ten Hag.

It was a narrative that unfolded in September 2022, when Sancho, who had been acquired for a hefty sum of £73 million, found himself frozen out of the first team. Ten Hag attributed his decision to Sancho’s lackluster performances in training sessions – a claim that the England international vehemently denied via a social media outburst.

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