Immediately following the dismissal of Erig Ten Hag as manager of Manchester United, Zinedine Zidane, a former coach at Real Madrid, has been projected to take over as the new manager of Manchester United.

Despite the fact that Saha appreciates the work of his current manager Erik ten Hag, he believes that Zidane’s stringent criteria could offer the team with the much-needed boost in morale that they could require.

Following a season in which he won the FA Cup, but also saw United fall to ninth place, which was the lowest-ever Premier League finish, Ten Hag’s career is at a turning point for co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

This is the case because The FA Cup was won by United. Saha stated, “Zidane is the manager I would dream to have at Manchester United for obvious reasons, he would do well and he’s motivated to come back into football and I think it will be difficult for him to stay out for another year.”



Saha made this statement in an interview with OLBG, which was reported by the Mirror.

It appears that their strategy is not at all like anything that Zidane would have done.

If you want to be successful, you need ten players who are entirely preoccupied with bringing them back to the top of the game.

However, too many United players are falling below their level and not producing consistent results.


Despite the fact that Saha has stated that he is in favor of Ten Hag’s work at Old Trafford, he is of the opinion that Zidane will provide a “level above.”


Since 2021, the former Real Madrid manager has not been employed by any other club, despite having won two La Liga titles and three consecutive Champions League medals while he was in charge of Real Madrid. Saha, who won the Champions League and was with Zidane when France finished in second place at the World Cup in 2006, described him as a “very hard worker” who “never asked his management for anything.” Saha was also Zidane’s coach during the World Cup.

Despite the fact that United has recently made changes to its boardroom team in order to address issues that have plagued the company over the previous few years, recruiting continues to be a big area of concern.

Despite the fact that there are discussions regarding the massive contracts that have been awarded to veterans like as Casemiro and Raphael Varane, the Brazilian winger Antony, who was purchased from Ajax for £80 million, has not been able to justify that price.

On the other hand, Saha believes that Zidane’s ability to inspire a change in mentality, which he shown during his time at Real Madrid, may also bring about a transition from United.

Nevertheless, he brought up the fact that Zidane would have a difficult time handling a transfer plan that was less than ideal in the event that he were to inherit Old Trafford.

In spite of this, Saha believes that Zidane’s insistence that his players give their very best could perhaps improve their chances of winning.

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