Terrible News Hits Real Madrid Fans As Brahim Has Officially Joined His New Premeir League ‘Team’: It Was Florentino That Approved The Move.

Brahim Díaz might officially join this team in the next few hours, and the player has already given his consent for the move.

Real Madrid’s player, Brahim Díaz, joined the team this season from Italian side Milan to strengthen the midfield and attack, as mentioned by Carlo Ancelotti upon his arrival.

Despite initial limited usage, Brahim’s role has expanded due to Real Madrid’s numerous injuries, and he has excelled on the field, contributing significantly and even scoring goals.

There is speculation that Brahim Díaz could receive a call-up to the Spanish National Football Team.

While he will continue with Real Madrid, his standout performances might lead to a national team call-up.

Journalist Guillermo Rai has reported that Brahim Díaz is in the process of being considered for the National Team, but caution is exercised with two months remaining until the next call-up.

This potential call-up would be positive news for both Brahim and Real Madrid, indicating the player’s excellent form.

Whether he remains with Real Madrid or transfers to another team, his increasing value is evident.

The final decision on Brahim’s inclusion in the Spanish National Team remains to be seen, but his performances undeniably merit consideration.

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