There is some good news for Manchester United in general, as David De Gea has finally decided to sign a contract term with the club for a period of three years. However, there are some extremely difficult requirements that must be met for this to take place.

David De Gea, a stalwart between the posts for Manchester United since his arrival in 2011, has been a pillar of consistency and excellence.

His decision to extend his stay at Old Trafford is seen as a crucial move for the club, particularly as they aim to rebuild and compete for top honors under manager Erik Ten Hag.

The new contract, which runs until the summer of 2027, underscores De Gea’s commitment to the club amidst ongoing challenges.

The details of the contract reveal a series of demanding stipulations that must be adhered to for the agreement to remain valid.

These conditions are reportedly designed to align De Gea’s performance with the club’s broader strategic goals, ensuring mutual benefit.

Performance-Related Clauses


One of the primary conditions is the inclusion of performance-related clauses. De Gea must maintain a save percentage above a specified threshold, believed to be 75%, across all competitions.

Additionally, he is required to keep a minimum number of clean sheets each season, a figure set to reflect the club’s high standards and ambitions.

Moreover, there are clauses tied to team performance. Manchester United must qualify for the UEFA Champions League in at least two of the three seasons covered by the contract.

Failure to do so could trigger a review of De Gea’s terms, potentially allowing him to explore options elsewhere. This condition underscores the club’s intent to remain competitive at the highest level, leveraging De Gea’s experience and skills.


Fitness and Availability

Another critical aspect of the contract is De Gea’s physical fitness and availability. The agreement stipulates that he must pass rigorous bi-annual medical evaluations to ensure he remains in peak condition.

This requirement is aimed at minimizing downtime due to injuries and ensuring that De Gea is consistently available for selection.

The contract also includes provisions for a dedicated fitness regime, supervised by the club’s medical staff, to ensure he maintains optimal physical condition.

This regime will be closely monitored, with regular assessments to track his progress and adapt the training program as necessary.


Community and Leadership Roles

Beyond his on-field responsibilities, De Gea’s new contract places a strong emphasis on his role within the community and the club’s leadership structure.

He is expected to take on increased leadership duties, mentoring younger players and serving as a role model within the squad. This includes participating in community outreach programs and representing the club at various events.

The club believes that De Gea’s extensive experience and stature make him an ideal candidate for these roles, helping to foster a positive culture and environment within the team.


Financial Terms

While the exact financial details of the contract remain undisclosed, sources indicate that De Gea has accepted a slight reduction in his weekly wages.

This concession is balanced by substantial performance bonuses and incentives, reflecting his confidence in meeting the contract’s challenging requirements.


Fan and Management Reactions

The reaction from fans and pundits has been overwhelmingly positive. Securing De Gea’s services for another three years is seen as a crucial step in Manchester United’s ongoing efforts to regain their status as one of Europe’s elite clubs. Supporters have expressed their joy on social media, hailing De Gea’s loyalty and commitment.

Manager Erik Ten Hag commented on the new contract, saying, “David is an integral part of our squad, and his experience is invaluable.

The conditions of this contract reflect our mutual ambition to succeed at the highest level. We are confident that David will continue to excel and contribute significantly to our future successes.”




In conclusion, David De Gea’s new three-year contract with Manchester United brings a mix of optimism and challenge. While it ensures the presence of a world-class goalkeeper at Old Trafford, the stringent conditions attached highlight the club’s high expectations and strategic goals.

As the footballing world watches, De Gea’s performance under this new agreement will be closely scrutinized, with both player and club aiming to meet these ambitious targets.

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