Former Manchester United Captain and Journalist Gary Neville has been appointed as the manager of Shocking European Club this evening

Before the upcoming general election slated for next month, Gary Neville, renowned for his illustrious career as Manchester United’s former captain and later for his punditry on Sky Sports, has ventured into a new role within the Labour Party.

Following his retirement from professional football, Neville gained prominence as a sports commentator, currently gracing ITV screens with his coverage of Euro 2024 in Germany. Despite his deep involvement in sports journalism, Neville has not shied away from engaging in political discourse.

Recently, Neville drew attention by criticizing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the host nation of the Qatar World Cup over issues such as low wages and poor working conditions. In response, the Conservative Party leader urged Neville to “stick to football,” a remark that sparked discussions across various media platforms, including Neville’s own podcast featuring notable figures like Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher, Ian Wright, and Jill Scott.

While Neville continues to provide insightful commentary during Euro 2024, his recent absence from ITV screens during the Albania vs. Croatia game did not go unnoticed, with Danny Rohl, Karen Carney, and Ian Wright taking the helm instead. It was during this period that the Labour Party announced Neville’s collaboration, highlighting his multifaceted involvement beyond sports, including his stint on Dragons’ Den earlier in the year.

Although Neville has previously shown support for Labour through his attendance at their events, his upcoming appearance on a party political broadcast marks a significant step. The Labour Party took to Twitter to inform its supporters of Neville’s upcoming role, wherein he will be interviewing their leader, Sir Keir Starmer.

Neville’s interview with Starmer, scheduled to air amidst the Euro 2024 clash between Germany and Hungary in Group A, is slated for broadcast on ITV at 6:25pm, followed by a subsequent airing on BBC One an hour later at 7:25pm. The interview promises to delve into Starmer’s aspirations of assuming the role of Prime Minister post-July 4th and his journey to leadership within the Labour Party, drawing parallels to Neville’s insightful discussions with professional athletes.

Thus, amidst his commitments to sports journalism and punditry, Gary Neville’s foray into political broadcasting reflects a continued evolution beyond the football pitch, demonstrating his influence across both sporting and political spheres.

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