Europe’s top players are competing to sign the Real Madrid star, and Perez settles the matter with this response

Real Madrid’s management seeks to maintain the team’s basic structure in order to continue successes and crowns and tighten control over Europe, as club president Perez aspires to.

Many reports that have spread in recent hours have indicated the desire of a large number of European clubs to sign a contract with the star and jewel of Real Madrid after his brilliance in the Euro Championship currently being held in Germany.

According to information received from the Spanish newspaper Marca, Real Madrid has received several offers from various clubs that want to sign the talented Turkish player Arda Guler, the star of the royal team’s attack in the summer.

The newspaper added that one of the major clubs monitoring Guler is the English club Liverpool, which is closely monitoring the player in order to prepare for a contract with him in the summer under the leadership of the new Reds coach, Arne Slot.

The newspaper added that the Spanish Real Sociedad also made an offer to sign the player on loan, but Perez rejected all upcoming offers for the player and told everyone that the Turkish player is an important part of the Real Madrid project and is not for sale.

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