Nacho identifies his ideal replacement at Real Madrid and tells Perez to :sign him

One of the most confirmed cases of departure from Real Madrid is the departure of Nacho Fernandez after he spent 23 years within the walls of Real Madrid, during which his name was written in golden letters in the history of the Royal Club.

Although the transfer market has not yet opened, Real Madrid faces a complex situation to manage due to the departure of Nacho Fernandez, the number 6 player who said goodbye to Real Madrid after many years of success.

According to information received from the Defensa Central network, Nacho, in one of his conversations with Perez, told him about the ideal replacement for him at Real Madrid, and that Real Madrid’s contract with this player would replace Rajgel Nacho in an unexpected way.

He told Nacho Perez to sign Lenny Euro, the defender of the French national team and Lille, the player whom Nacho sees as capable of leading Real Madrid’s defense line for years to come.

The network added that Real Madrid has already begun negotiations with the French player in order to bring him and his arrival to the Bernabéu this summer, amid a strong desire from Perez to end the deal as soon as possible, as there is Paris Saint-Germain who also wants to contract with the player, but everything is under Madrid control.

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