Arsenal has expressed interest in acquiring Italian defender Riccardo Calafiori from Bologna and has reportedly offered 47 million euros for the player. However, Bologna has not yet made a decision regarding this offer, and other clubs such as Chelsea, Liverpool, and Juventus are also interested in the player..

Bologna has acknowledged the interest in Calafiori from top European clubs, including Arsenal and Chelsea. The club’s director, Giovanni Sartori, has confirmed that it may be difficult to retain the star defender amid the interest from these clubs. Bologna seems open to the possibility of a deal if the right offer is made, and they are reportedly encouraging bids from Premier League clubs, particularly Arsenal and Liverpool..

Calafiori’s performances have attracted attention from several top clubs, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Juventus. The estimated transfer fee for Calafiori is around 40-50 million euros, indicating the high demand for the player. Bologna appears to favor a move to England for the defender, which has sparked interest from multiple Premier League clubs..


In summary, Arsenal’s interest in Riccardo Calafiori is part of a larger competition among top European clubs for the talented Italian defender. Bologna has not yet responded to Arsenal’s offer, and the situation remains fluid as other clubs, including Chelsea, Liverpool, and Juventus, are also vying for Calafiori’s signature. The potential transfer fee is estimated to be around 40-50 million euros, reflecting the high value placed on the player in the current market






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