Manchester United have sent new bid to Everton for Jarred Branthwaite tonight: £45m fixed fee plus £5m add-ons. The proposal is formal and official, as @ChrisWheelerDM has reported. ↪️ Everton insist on £65/70m price for Branthwaite, no deal again at this stage

In a bold move aimed at bolstering their defensive ranks, Manchester United made a compelling offer to Everton for the talented young center-back, Jarred Branthwaite. The bid, standing at a substantial £45 million with an additional £5 million in potential add-ons, represents a significant statement of intent from the Red Devils.


The negotiation, as reported by @ChrisWheelerDM, underscores Manchester United’s eagerness to secure Branthwaite’s services. However, Everton remains steadfast in their valuation, holding out for a higher price tag between £65 million to £70 million. This stance reflects Everton’s determination to maximize their return on the promising defender, whom they see as a cornerstone for their future defensive setup.


The saga highlights the intricate dance of transfer negotiations in elite football, where clubs navigate between financial prudence and the pursuit of top talent. For Manchester United, securing Branthwaite would not only address immediate defensive needs but also align with their strategy of investing in young, promising players for sustained success.


As the transfer window progresses, both clubs are expected to continue discussions, with the outcome likely hinging on finding common ground that satisfies Everton’s valuation while meeting Manchester United’s desire to strengthen their squad ahead of the upcoming season.

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