Man City players set to receive huge bonuses for winning fourth consecutive Premier League title

The players of Manchester City will get a massive bonus for winning the Premier League for a record four times in a row.

Man City defeated West Ham United 3-1 on the last day of the league season to win the 2023–24 league title.

The Blues achieved a historic feat in the Premier League by winning four games in a row.

Additionally, the players are eligible to receive a nice bonus for their most recent victory, based on what they earned throughout the 2022–2023 campaign.

The Daily Mail claims that Man City’s bonus structure is individualistic rather than consisting of a set sum that is distributed around the team.

The article states that the league winners receive bonuses ranging from £200,000 to £900,000.

The greatest bonus is anticipated to go to elite players like Kevin De Bruyne, while smaller bonuses would go to lower-tier Man City players.

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