Cristiano Ronaldo asked Modric about the Real Madrid Duo

There was time in that friendly match between Portugal and Croatia for Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo to share moments on the pitch and there was talk of two Real Madrid players.

The Portugal vs. Croatia match was the perfect date to see once again the wonderful relationship that exists between both players, the chemistry that both of them maintain and also how those years in which they led the best Madrid of the 21st century still exist in the memory of the duo Ronaldo and Modric.

Cristiano and Modric had enough time to follow everything at the sporting, family and future levels. The Portuguese showed great interest in the presence of many of his former teammates at Real Madrid under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti and even admitted to Luca that he was very happy about Mbappe’s arrival to Real Madrid.

“I love Vinicius and Bellingham very much, this duo is golden… They have winning genes,” the Portuguese admitted to the Croatian during his conversation with Modric of his great admiration for Vinicius and Bellingham, the Real Madrid stars.

Cristiano still holds Real Madrid in his heart, the feeling is mutual and he has no hesitation in naming Vinicius and Bellingham as the players he most admires in Carlo Ancelotti’s side.

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