| According to Mundo Deportivo, UEFA will begin paying compensation to Barcelona if Pedri’s injury last more than 28 days. It will be 20,548 euros per day until he recovers.



UEFA Compensation for Pedri’s Injury

According to Mundo Deportivo, UEFA has a Club Protection Program that entitles clubs to financial compensation if a player’s injury exceeds 28 consecutive days. In the case of Pedri’s injury, if it extends beyond this period, FC Barcelona can initiate the claim process from August 2, marking the completion of the required 28-day threshold. The compensation covers a maximum daily indemnity of 20,548 euros, with a total cap of 7,500,000 euros per player per incident


Compensation Amount and Duration

The compensation for Pedri’s injury is set at 20,548 euros per day, with a maximum of 365 days. If his injury lasts for the maximum duration, the total compensation would amount to approximately 7,500,000 euros


FIFA’s Role in Compensation

FIFA also plays a role in compensating clubs for injuries to players while on national team duty. In the case of Gavi’s injury, FIFA was reported to pay Barcelona a sum of at least 3 million euros in compensation, with a daily compensation of 20,548 euros for a maximum of 365 days


Pedri’s Recovery and Return

There have been updates regarding Pedri’s recovery, with reports suggesting that he may be available for the Champions League quarter-finals, indicating positive progress in his rehabilitation.

It’s important to note that the information provided is based on the available sources and may be subject to change as the situation develops.

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